Our Mission

In the past 30 years the political left has taken over the media in most countries of the West.

Conservative voices have been silenced and people who didn't change their opinion to be in line with a leftist narrative that gets more absurd with every passing year got removed from places of power and influence.

The Force of Change

But no victory is forever.

And the tyranny has yet to be conceived which will not see the day when it is confronted with change that is so disruptive in nature that it will eventually lead to its demise.

In our time this force of change is the internet.

It gives a voice to those who didn't have one for so long.

Great Achievements

And while the internet makes classical media less and less relevant each day many people around the world are building great conservative news and opinion websites which provide their readers and viewers with an alternative point of view and promote free speech.

We are watching this development in awe an we rejoice to know that there are so many great people out there doing such great work.

Our Mission

We want to support this movement by making the full spectrum of alternative media available and discoverable to as many people as possible.